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Juice Menu

Juice Menu4 x 500ml each day

3 Day Basic Cleanse 110€

5 Day Intensive Cleanse180€

3 x 3 Day Cleanse*99€

(*99€ each, delivered to the same address)

All Green Batches

Intense all green cleanse or 1 each day

12 x 500ml – 110

20 x 500ml – 180€

Juice Plus Food

Ideal for weight loss. Intermittent fasting.

5:2 Plan. Ask Jo for info.

Additional Hot Evening Drinks

Apple & Cinnamon Add 7.50€

Turmeric Latte 7.50€

Turmeric, coconut milk, coconut oil, black pepper

3 Day Basic Cleanse (4 x 500ml each day)

Juice Menu
Juice Menu
Joanne Glas

This is ideal for those of you who are doing a Cleanse for the first time.

It is a gentle, nurturing and highly effective Cleanse.
Follow the 3 step guide; Pre cleanse, the Cleanse (how to drink your Juice) and the post Cleanse. When you carefully stick to this guide you will get the most out of your Cleanse (for the 3 system guide please go to "why Juice")

This is great to do once a month or just before a special occasion, when you want to look and feel your best.

5 Day Intensive Cleanse (4 x 500ml each day)

Vegetable Juice Menu

Immerse yourself in this 5 Day Juice Cleanse and Reap the Benefits. 

Expect to lose Pounds if you are carrying Excess Weight as you Rid Toxins from the body. 

The longer you maintain a Juice Cleanse the Greater the Transformation will be.

Juice Plus Food

For those of you who don’t like the idea of Juice only we have Juice plus food.

Eat one meal a day with the family and replace the other meals with Juice.


The 5:2 Plan, which is fasting on juice for two seperate days each week.

Juice Menu
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