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Juice Retreat the Netherlands

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The world has become smaller, and as a result its easier to travel to far away corners of this planet.

Therefore we sometimes fail to see the beauty right under our noses.


We are in the most beautiful part of Holland called the Veluwe. The Veluwe is a forest-rich ridge of hills (1100km2) in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. It is a national park right in the heart of Holland.

When spotting wildlife in the Veluwe National Park,this is often referred to as “The Big Four”They are Red deer, Roe deer, Wild boar, and, since about a year ago a pack of wolves roam freely through these magical forests, the last known wolves in Holland were 140 years ago.

Early morning walks almost certainly garantee the sighting of at least a family of wild pigs or a lone deer. If you like (Lets be up really early to see these)

The Dutch people voted the Veluwe region as the finest area of scenic beauty in the Country. It is where forests, sand drifts and heather fields form a splendid natural landscape.The Veluwe can also mean sun and beaches, it has some small lakes and Europes largest sand drifts.

I am British and my Husband, Ben is Dutch,we lived in Spain for 12 years where i started my Juice retreats and built up hundreds of clients for 3 and 5 day juice cleanses....We moved here 1 year ago and just love the nature, wildlife, and stunning long walks....

Come share this with us and learn and experience a little part of paradise.

* Not included: Flights, airport transfers, international travel insurance.

Choose your accomodation

So, where is a better place to escape to, and relax for 5 days? Come solo or with friends.




Juice & Yoga Fasting Retreat


A typical day can look like this.

You wake up when your eyes open, No alarm, just maybe a Symphonie of birds calling you outside to come and listen to their music.

A healthy grated ginger and mint tea is waiting for you.

You might want to participate with us in some early morning breathing exercises and meditation to fill your body with energy.


Around 9-10 am you will have your first cold pressed juice.

All our juices are characterized by an abundance of vegetables complimented with chlorella and spirulina, i pride myself on using minimal fruit in my juices so as to get the most nutrition and less sugar.


Around 10-10.30 am you are free to join me on my morning dog walk. Every day a different route through different types of forest with my four feeter friend Ruby. If we are lucky my husband Ben may join us. Ben coaches people on multiple subjects and uses the big outdoors as his office.

An hour with him in nature is always a breath of fresh air. He has a unique way of looking at life and may even provide us with some new insights and funny stories.

Ben will take our daily breathing and meditation class every morning.


Around 12 am you have your second juice of the day

And maybe 1 or 2 hour rest

Then we can go out for our afternoon adventure


Each day Depending on the weather we will choose one of these activities;


  • Biking, choose from normal or electric bikes, through the forest and beautiful countryside.

  • 2 Yoga stretching classes within the 5 days of your stay, each being 75 minutes, to open the body and help release toxins and stress.

  • Forest bathing, hmmm yes this is so nice to laze in a hammock and just listen to the forest, and maybe even a little nap.

  • FAT- Bike tour through the forest and the heather fields following a GPS.

  • A visit to an old seaside town called Harderwijk, one of my personal favorites as it has its own beach.

  • Half a day at a Dutch Spa and Sauna, (Facials and massage and any other beauty treatments can be booked in advance and paid on your visit. Robe & towel provided.


We are very flexible on our retreats, this is all about you, If you want to skip an outing and just chill or do your own forest ramble that’s cool with us.


The evening is yours to do what you like. Read, a little walk, a cup of tea outside your temporary residence, a yoga class; its your private retreat, its your decision. Just before bed your last juice of the day. Because your body is cleaning itself it is very normal to experience fatigue, so around 9-10 o’clock most people are ready for bed. The clean forest air almost certainly guarantees a deep and restful sleep which for the next morning gives you an early start together with the birds.

Throughout the day you will have herbal teas in between the juices and a turmeric latte before bed.

Activities on
your Juice Retreat
Juicing retreat Marbella
Forrest walk
Yoga Juice retreat Marbella
Spa day Juice retreat Marbella
Spa day


This might be the first time in your life that you are doing a Juice only cleanse,

or you may already be an avid juicer and therefore know the drill....

To get the best out of your 5 day cleanse and to minimize a headache, it is most important to prepare

1-2 days before you arrive stop all !!!

Caffeine, Carbohydrates, meat, sugar, alcohol, fizzy drinks and dairy.

Instead feast on raw or cooked vegetables, salad, fruit and healthy life giving water to start flushing your system and hydrating.

This is a great little start to clearing out your body ready for yummy Juices to go in that are packed to the hilt with The Best nutrition.


  • Your temporary residence in either a yurt, chalet or tiny house

  • 4 X 500 ml cold press Juices plus evening turmeric Latte

  • All herbal teas throughout the day

  • All activities; forest walks, electric fat bike tour, visit to old sea side town of Harderwijk, 2 yoga classes, morning visit to a Dutch spa where towels and bath robe are provided, forest music provided by the birds.

not included

  • Travel Insurance

  • Travel to retreat (Amsterdam airport is an international hub with daily flights to and from multiple destinations. From there it is about 90 minutes by train.Alternatively pick up at the airport can be arranged for about 30 euro per person).

retreat days

  • Arrival Wednesday evening

  • 5 full days, 5 nights

  • Depart Monday evening


Stay in a Comfortable Chalet in the Dutch forrest at your Juice Retreat

(Private bathroom).

  • 1 - 4 people per Chalet

  • Two bedrooms

Stay in a Romantic lotus tent in the Dutch forrest at your Juice Retreat

(Outdoor bathroom).

  • 1 - 2 people per Tent

  • 2 single or double bed

Stay in a Typical Mongolian Yurt in the Dutch forrest at your Juice Retreat

(Outdoor bathroom).

  • 1 - 2 people per Yurt

  • 2 single or double bed

€ 700,- p.p. for shared occupancy

€ 950,- p.p. for single occupancy

Juice-Mad Marbella
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