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Our Story

My professional life has been a roller coaster of wild and wonderful things. 

From managing restaurants, running a bikini shop on Venice beach in Los Angeles to being a private investigator in the uk, its always been an adventure.

About 6 years ago My friend came back from a week away at Jason Vale Juice retreat and was so excited she bought a juicer, blender, bottles; the lot!

The problem was she worked full time and had 2 children, so she just couldn’t find the time and asked me to juice for her.

Juicing was entirely new to me and for that reason I took on the challenge and decided to join her in this 7 day Juice only Cleanse.

Wow, I certainly was expecting the feeling that i got....

As the days went by I became lighter in my body and feeling strong,my skin was glowing and I slept soundly waking refreshed and really crazy energized,

At the end of my 7 days I was so impressed that I started juicing regularly, like 1-2 a day and making for friends and family.

This is how Juice-Mad started; I was literally nuts about Juicing.

Having perfected my juices to my own personal preference I was ready to move to Spain where I created a big customer base there over 6 years.

My husband is Dutch so after a while we decided to move to Holland where we moved into a house in the middle of the forest. I still serve my faithful clients in Spain on a bi-monthly basis and now I have taken on a new challenge where I live.

Juicing in the forest

Activities such as, biking- normal or electric, yoga, forest bathing, forest walks accompanied by juices, herbal teas and other yummies.

Be welcome!

Joanne Glas
Juice-Mad Marbella
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