Personal Juicer

Your Personal Juicer

You may be an avid Juicer, you may be a starting Juicer, you may have never Juiced; whatever your case we organise a special day at your house where you can invite your friends around for the following program:

- Enjoy 5x 500 ml of cold pressed Juices throughout the day

- Fresh herbal teas and lemon water throughout the day

- Our own favourite turmeric- and ginger teas


This is a day for you and your friends to relax and rejuvenate, feeding your body with the best possible cold pressed Juices. 

And on top of all that, anyone who wishes can join me in the kitchen to learn all there is to know about Juicing. For instance, difference between fast and cold pressed Juicing, prepping made easy, the actual process of Juicing with a machine, benefits of Juice fasting.. And loads more!

Want to know more? Call me and let's set a healthy date: +31 (0) 6 361 014 15


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