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Why Juice?

Why do a Raw Juice Cleanse?

Raw Juices have a high concentration of enzymes, vitamins and minerals because these are not lost through cooking. A Raw Juice Cleanse gives your body a complete rest from breaking down solid foods. By consuming only raw Juice the body gets fed and nourished with the most potent of foods. This enhances and speeds up the detoxing process. This is a bodies own natural process during which harmful toxins are removed from the body.

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms then a Raw Juice Cleanse will centainly get you feeling tip top again:

- Low energy and feeling lethargic
- Bloatedness/Constipation

- Dry, dull skin nails or hair
- Carrying excess weight
- Lack of sleep

A Raw Juice Cleanse will help you achieve the following:

- Feel energised and revitalised
- Get healthy skin,nails and hair
- Shed weight if you are carrying extra lbs
- Achieve mental clarity

Some of our biggest success stories are from customers who have followed the guide,
pre- and post cleanse. The Detox Cleanse is designed to help form new eating habits.

It is important to realise The Juice-Mad Cleanse is a system of 3 equally important parts.

- Pre Cleanse
- The Cleanse
- Post Cleanse

Pre Cleanse

Pre Cleanse. If you follow the following instructions you will get the most benefits out of your Cleanse. Preparing your body is a must. 

1-2 days before your Cleanse it is best to avoid the following foods and or drinks:

Sugar, meat, dairy, carbohydrates ie potatoes and pastas, caffeine, alcohol. It is also beneficial to boost hydration by drinking 2-3 liters of water day. These 1 to 2 days your diet should consist of leafy green salads, nuts, grains, vegetables and fruit. 

The Cleanse and how to drink your Juice

Having prepared your body 1/2 days before, you may be feeling lighter already.
We supply you with 4 x 500ml Organic “Cold press” Juices for every day.
There should be no need to feel hungry, there are enough natural calories to get you through the day. Remember “Eating Is Cheating”. You may be missing “the habit of eating”. So drink plenty of water and herbal teas to flush out those nasty toxins. Just imagine how much chewing you would have to do to eat six large carrots that go in to one Juice. Chewing the carrots would cause a substantial amount of saliva to be secreted and then mixed in with the carrots. Therefore slowly “chew your juice”, savouring it by allowing it to float in your mouth and combine with saliva. It is almost like an expert tasting wine. Gulping any liquid, even water, should never be done. If you want to learn how to drink Juice just watch a cat lapping at milk savouring every drop.

Post Cleanse

Now that you have done all the hard work its time to extend all the benefits from having completed your Detox Cleanse. Avoid temptation, don't celebrate your completion by reaching for a bottle of wine or reverting to your old ways of eating… It is important to ease out of your cleanse gently. Slowly introduce your system to solid foods again. Start with leafy green salads, steamed vegetables and after a day or so you can introduce fish and lean meats if desired.

Happy Juicing!


Jo @ Juice-Mad


All Juice orders are delivered directly to your fridge within hours of being made.

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